The Cupcakery Online
Unique Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookies, and Candies
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What is The Cupcakery Online?
If you are looking for a completely customized event, then The Cupcakery is the place for you.  We specialize in making your ideas come to life.  We don't just make desserts--we specialize in making edible works of art.  We use only the freshest ingredients to give that undeniable homemade taste.  Our design artist will work with you to make your event memorable.

Contact Gina to schedule a design consultation:
(305) 788 -3984

Gina and her little "Ace of Cakes!"

Mia is WELL on her way to becoming a world-renowned Pastry Chef!

                  Artist Aaron Alonso hand paints a design on a cake!
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